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Discover the power of mesmerizing lashes, and flawless brows! We believe in keeping the lashes the brows healthy, so we selected the perfect product to continuously nourish - even after a lash lift or brow lamination! 

Lash Lift

Our Lash Lift is done using the #1 Worldwide product for lashes and brows: InLei! It's incredible quality is scientifically proven to increase the thickness of your lashes by 24%. So, while your lashes are lifted, they're simultaneously being nourished by InLei's innovative ingredients!

90 min. includes tinting | $110


Full Set Classic Lash Extensions

Using high-quality products was a must for us when selecting a lash brand. To perfect a set of classic lashes that have amazing retention; we use a perfected combo of Lash Artisan lashes, and LashBox LA glue. 

New Set $99

Fills $60


Claudia Odey brow lamination before and after 6.webp

Brow Lamination

Elevate your brow game with flawlessly shaped, perfectly fluffed brows! Whether you want subtle, or perfectly carved brows, we got you! By adding a tint on a brow lamination, you'll have perfectly shaped and filled brows.

60 min. includes tinting | $86


Lash Tint (on it's own) | $25

Brow Tint (on it's own) | $16

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