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I N F R A R E D    S A U N A

We are excited to now offer infrared sauna in our spa!




Single Session | 45 min. | $37.50

    • 2 persons | $60

    • 3 persons | $85.50 

  • Combined with other same-day treatment | $30

    • 2 persons | $50

    • 3 persons | $72.50

  • 10 Session PUNCH PASS | $250

    • Receive the 11th free!

Guidelines for Usage of the Radiant Health Infrared Sauna

  • Please do not take food or any drinks except for water into the sauna.

  • Please DO NOT bring glass into the sauna. You may bring a water bottle from home.

  • This is a dry sauna – please do not put water on the emitters. 

  • Please keep your feet and hands off of the windows and door.

  • Please sit on your towel to keep yourself and the sauna clean and protected. 

  • You may open the vent to reduce the temperature if you wish. Cool rolled towels are provided for your convenience.

  • This sauna has music built in for your enjoyment. Please only adjust the volume or turn it off if you choose.

  • The interior light, the exterior light, or the colour light therapy may be turned off or adjusted if you choose. 

Infrared Sauna Ed.png

Infrared Sauna Benefits:

  • relaxation

  • find relief of muscle and joint pain

  • efficiently release toxins

  • improve circulation

  • boost immune system

  • increase metabolism

  • purify and heal skin

  • improves sleep

  • reduce inflammation

  • improve wound healing

  • optimize weight loss

  • improve athletic performance

  • balancing hormones

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Traditional saunas heat the air around you, where the infrared saunas heat up your core body temperature. So, you are sweating at a cellular level. Essentially you are stimulating your body in the same way as you would during a cardiovascular workout.

PLEASE HYDRATE! - Studies show that with a normal sauna, you sweat out approximately three percent toxins and 97 percent of water. With an infrared sauna, you sweat out 20 percent of toxins and 80 percent of water.

DEEP DETOXIFICATION - Infrared light is delivered to the site of injury or inflammation at certain wavelengths, promoting cell repair. The key characteristic of infrared light is its ability to penetrate even the deep layers of the skin, providing better pain relief. Also, infrared light is safe, natural, non-invasive, and painless.

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