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Kelowna Wraps


 All of our body wraps are done in heated beds - beginning with a full body exfoliation, wrap application, and a relaxing scalp massage. To ensure ultimate relaxation we perform warm towel removal, followed by the hydrating California Mango lotion. Our Moor Spa Body Wraps are not only the ultimate way to relax but also offer many health and wellness benefits. 

Nourishing Seaweed Wrap

Klamath blue-green algae and sea kelp extract are combined in a moisturizing gel base, to effectively nourish and purify skin. This wrap was made for Okanagan living, don't let dull, dry skin get you down. 

70 min. | $113


Detoxifying Mud Wrap

This signature skin treatment contains 100% pure Moor complex, offering detoxification. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties this wrap is perfect for anyone looking to ease aches and pains. This wrap is the perfect addition to a whole body cleanse or on its own. With over 100 different vitamins and minerals, this wrap is sure to leave you feeling renewed and revitalized. 

70 min. | $113

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Kelp Enzyme Body Mask

Kelp is a fossilized, calcified deposit extracted from an ancient seabed over a hundred feet below the ground. The deposit is estimated to be over 35 million years old. It consists of over 70% calcium in a highly bio-available form; over 70 trace minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium, phosphorus and iodine; and a wealth of life-enhancing enzymes. 

70 min. | $126

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