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Proud to offer only the best - Moor Spa Pink Himalayan Salt. Containing over 84 essential minerals. Helps to rid dull dry skin and reveal an even glow. 

Body Glow Scrub

Our full body scrub, is perfect for any time of year, but especially during a season change! Pink Himalayan salt is known to alleviate several dry skin disorders. It balances your cell's ions so your skin detoxifies properly, promotes hydration and increases moisture retention. Pink Himalayan Salt contains over 84 essential minerals that are readily absorbed into the skin.

Combined with Moor Spa's heavenly Complete Oil, we exfoliate every body part to improve circulation and remove dryness, leaving behind beautifully buffed skin. We then apply California Mango Lotion to finish this dreamy service.

40 min | $81
Or, add on to any Massage for $62!

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