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20 years younger might be unrealistic BUT a couple years, that i can do!

Wait, but how?!

If you give me SIX MONTHS of your time and are actually devoted to an at home skin care routine, i can almost guarantee that i can make your skin look & feel younger.

Everyone fears the age thing, especially when you live in the California of B.C. Yah the sun is aamaazzzzing & all, but its so damaging to our skin, specifically our facial skin. We hear it all the time, SPF, SPF, SPF, but what about for the face? Most SPF's out there are not designed for the face. Purchasing the right SPF for you is absolutely crucial. When looking for an SPF for your face you want to look for something non-comedogenic ( wont clog your pores) and preferably a zinc oxide sunscreen. Don't worry, we promise you wont look like one of those 80's life guards with white nose strip...

Not to mention SPF is not actually 100% responsible for younger looking skin, yup you heard it here first- there's more to it!

Eye Cream

So whats the secret......

Regular facials & a good (& by good we actually mean amazing) at home skin care line....& well to actually use it properly & consistently!

What you need to do on the daily...

Cleanse, tone, eye cream, serum & moisturize.

-exfoliate 2-3 times per week, Don't over do it!

& Every other week you should throw in a good face mask.

Now in order to actually see these aammaazing results we've been talking about, you need to see an actual skin care professional. This is actually thee most important part, Why?

Your skin care expert will help you to find the most appropriate skin care products for you, not only that, but she will tell you how and when to use them. Yup, there is a science to how you use these things. & a little secret? Amora Day Spa has a pretty fantastic Facial Series Package.... 6 Months, 5 Facials, Price Reduced Products & it's insanely affordable! - Can you even put a price on looking younger?

Sooo... Go ahead and press that book button, we know you want to ;)

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