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Why Wrap?

Hey guys, I wanted to introduce myself and answer one of the most common questions I receive. What is a wrap and what is the process?

My name is Randi & I'm the Manager here at Amora Day Spa. I'll be honest with you, I hadn’t received a wrap in years…. Soo, I decided to come in to see what its truly all about. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING & I slept like a baby-I never do that!

First my Esthetician began with a full body exfoliation, she used a Supreme Exfoliation Mitt. I loved this part way more than I thought I would. After all of my old dry skin was sloughed off, she began to apply the wrap with a paint brush like tool. After, each individual body part was covered with product she gently wrapped each area in a thin plastic like material- I wasn't sure about this part, being a little claustrophobic, it seemed umm, a little Dexter to me? But let me tell you, I was sooo relaxed and warm in my little "cocoon". The thought of wanting to get out was non-existent. Now the best part, SCALP MASSAGE! While I was soaking in my wrap my Esthy. gave me the most soothing scalp massage of my life. She then left me to relax in serenity with waterfalls and birds quietly chirping in the distant background. I'm almost certain that I fell asleep for this part, I was very in and out of it with a euphoric feeling. It felt as if my mind and body were in a whole other world. Worlds later my Esthetician came back and brought me back to reality with warm pressed towels, gently removing the wrap followed with a Mango lotion application, which was more like a mini massage.

And then it was over, sigh. I could have stayed there for days, I went home & had the best sleep of my life, which is pretty awesome since I've never been great at the whole sleep thing. Being an Esthy. myself, I know how important it is to take care of your body and well being. I received our Detoxifying Mud Wrap and I can guarantee I will be coming in for this service on a much more regular basis. It is amazing how much that one hour relieved stress and motivated me to be healthier and more aware of what I am putting into my body.

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